Student Handbook

Financial Overview and

Non-Discriminatory Policy


Financial Overview

Christian education is an investment in the lives of our youth. For many families it is a financial challenge to have their children enrolled in a Christian school.

Because tuition fees do not cover the entire cost of educating a child for one year, additional funds must be raised through special activities and donations. Each family is required to raise $200 per child each year.

Anyone considering giving a memorial, setting up a trust, establishing an endowment, or donating a significant gift of cash or property to Union Christian Academy should contact the President of the School.

Parents have three options for tuition payment. First, parents may choose to pay the entire year's tuition and receive 2% off tuition, excluding building fees, or parents may choose to pay tuition with 11 post-dated checks. You may also choose to spread tuition payments out over 12 months with 12 post-dated checks. Post-dated checks are to be dated for August through June.

Tuition and Registration Fees are Non-Refundable


Non-Discriminatory Policy

Union Christian Academy does not discriminate in the administration of its admissions policies in regard to color, race, or national origin.