Student Handbook

General Information


School Hours
K3 and K4– All day 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM K5 - All day 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM 1st – 6th Grades 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM 7th – 12th Grades 8:00 AM – 3:15 PM
Students are to arrive no earlier than 7:00 AM and are to be picked up no later than fifteen minutes after school is dismissed. Any kindergarten or elementary student staying late will be sent to extended care, and parents will be charged for after-school care. Please do not assume it is acceptable for your child to stay anywhere on school grounds unsupervised outside of the normal school hours.

Transportation of Students
High school students with proper licenses may drive to and from school. They must park in designated areas upon arrival, return to their vehicles only with permission, and leave school grounds immediately following dismissal. Driving on campus privileges may be suspended for unsafe driving or violation of driving rules.
• Copy of Valid Drivers License & Insurance Card must be in student File

• Non-Related Students must have written permission from Driving & Passenger Parents to be allowed to commute with Driving Student.

Driving Regulations
All motorized vehicles on the campus of UCA must be operated by licensed drivers with liability insurance coverage. Any student violating this policy will be barred from driving on campus.
Once a student arrives on campus, they must immediately go to the classroom and may not return to the parking lot for any reason (without permission) until school is dismissed for the day.
All local and state traffic laws must be observed. In addition, the following regulations apply to driving on and around campus, as well as athletic events (home & away).

  1. 1.Drive slowly at all times.
  2. 2.Spinning of wheels, squealing tires, or other forms of reckless driving will not be tolerated.
  3. 3.Horns are not to be used to attract attention nor in a careless manner.
  4. 4.Car sound systems must be kept at a reasonable volume (not heard outside the car).
  5. 5.No passengers are allowed in truck beds.
  6. 6.Stickers, emblems, decals, buttons, etc... identified with groups, movements, advertisements, or   slogans contrary to Christian biblical standards are not to be displayed on autos.
  7. 7.Vehicles need to remain locked at all times.
  8. 8.Students may not “shoe polish”, paint, or otherwise tamper with vehicles not belonging to the student at school. 

Violations of the aforementioned regulations may result in loss of driving privileges. 

“Closed Campus” Rule
Union Christian Academy is a closed campus. This means no unauthorized person is allowed in or around the school during normal school hours unless the school administration has granted prior approval. Additionally, this means that no student is allowed to leave the campus during school hours without the expressed written permission to do so by a guardian, and is approved by the administration.

Parents or other authorized visitors are welcome and encouraged to visit the school. Authorized guests can include friends of students with the appropriate teacher’s and administration approval and 1 (one) day’s advanced notice. Visitors must adhere to the same standard of behavior expected of the students and faculty of Union Christian Academy. Visitors are required to check in with the school office as soon as they arrive so their whereabouts will be known should they need to be contacted.
If you have items to be delivered to a student, bring them to the office, and they will be delivered at the appropriate time. 

All curriculum used at Union Christian Academy is Christian in orientation, and/or in harmony with Christian values and beliefs. We rely heavily on the Bob Jones and Abeka curriculum, as well as selected materials that have been approved by the administration.

Inclement Weather
UCA’s policy will be to follow the lead of the Union Parish School Board in determining whether schools are closed due to inclement weather. Whenever Union Parish Schools are closed, UCA will be closed as well. You may also visit for more information. On bad weather days when students are in school, closures will be announced on the following local television and radio stations: Local TV: Channel 10 KTVE (and sister station Fox 14-KARD) and Channel 8 KNOE; Radio: FM100.9-The Hill, 88.7-The Cross). If school is open, your child is expected to attend. If bad weather occurs during the school day, the radio and TV stations will announce any school closings, and parents will be notified.

Change of Address or Phone  Number                                                                                                                     As cases of sickness and emergencies involving school children often arise, it is extremely important that the school have a viable home, work, and mobile telephone number for each parent. If any of these numbers are changed during the year, please notify the office immediately. The office should also be notified in the event of a change of address

The State Department of Health requires the Certification of Immunization be on file for each student. This form only needs to be completed once and is available in the doctor’s or health unit offices.

Check-in/Check-out Policy
After 8:00 AM, students must be checked in at the front office. This policy also applies if the student is returning to campus from a doctor’s appointment, for example. When checking a student out, the parent must come to the main office, not the classroom. If someone other than the parent will be checking out the child, the parent or guardian must call ahead or write a note giving permission to allow the student to leave in the company of someone other than their legal guardian.

Flowers, Gifts, Invitations
No flowers or any other gifts are to be delivered to the students during school hours. Party invitations may only be distributed if all students of that classroom are invited, for instance: all girls, all boys, or all boys and girls.

Lost and Found
Please mark all items belonging to your child with his/her name. Lost items will be returned to students if they can be identified. If you are looking for an item, please check with the school office. Any item not claimed from “Lost and Found” by the end of the year will be donated to the rummage sale or Christian ministries.

Medication at School
Teachers are prohibited from dispensing medication. No medications will be dispensed by the school office without prior consent of the parents via a completed “Authorization of Administration of Medication” form, which must be on file in the school office.
UCA requests that parents inform teachers and administrators of any special medical needs that could lead to an emergency situation. If any prescribed medication is to be distributed by an employee of UCA a medical release form must be signed by the parent or guardian on file in the school office. *Remember, if your child has a fever, is vomiting, or has diarrhea they should not be sent to school (See Health Standards).  

Grievances: The Matthew 18 Principle
Because the education process is an emotional journey, it is important that we establish a framework for conflict resolution. The purpose of this policy is to establish a process for timely and orderly resolution of student and/or parent concerns, questions, or appeals. It is the school’s intent that all disagreements be resolved at the source (teacher, director, etc.). If this is not possible, then resolution should take place at the lowest possible level. Throughout the appeal or complaint process, all parties should demonstrate mutual respect and the dignity of all parties involved will be preserved. The focus of discussions shall be on problem resolution that is mutually acceptable rather than an adversarial win-lose conclusion. No reprisals or retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student or parent utilizing this procedure. 

Appeal Process Steps:

  1. 1.Attempt to resolve the problem with the person most directly involved with the situation. In most cases, that person will be the teacher. It is our request that parents go to the  source in any conflict, rather than someone unaffiliated with the school.
  2. 2.If the situation cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties at step one, discuss it with the Administration of the School. 
  3. 3.Finally, if all other steps have proven unsuccessful, ask the Director or President of the school to set up a meeting with the Board of Directors.  The Board is the final authority on issue resolution. 

Telephone Use
The telephone is reserved for official school business and emergencies only. If a student is sick or an emergency arises, the teacher will give the student a note to be given to the school secretary stating the situation. The secretary will make the phone call for the student and documentation of the call will be made in the call log.. Students must make all plans with their parents before school hours. This includes plans for after-school pick up. Calls to parents for forgotten progress reports, homework, assignments, practice clothes/uniforms (athletics) will only be allowed during lunch or before school. 

Cell Phone
The use of cellular phones and portable electronic devices are strictly prohibited for UCA students while school is in session. Students below 7th grade are not allowed to have cell phones at. School. Possession of such devices will result in their immediate confiscation and subsequent disciplinary action for the student.